Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Violin Hunting

  I have a new violin!!! according to my violin teacher, my fingers have grown longer, and if I don't get a new violin, I will have very hard time with my fingerings. So Mom went searching for good violin brands. But then, my teacher called saying not to buy any, she wanted to see the violin before we bought it.

  Today, we went "violin hunting". I learned from my teacher that the older the wood they use for the violin the better. She also said that it doesn't matter what the brand is or how much it is, what matters is the sound. You will know that the wood is old if you see some grooves on it. If the wood is young, you'll see it's just plain with no lines or grooves. Beware of 'fake' grooves on the wood. Some manufacturers put groove-like patterns... You can check if this is done if the inside of the instrument has NO groves.

The violin My teacher is holding is older compared to the one I am holding. You can tell by the groves :)

  We bought the violin in Better Components Music store after checking in one other store. I feel that the wood of my violin is PERFECT.


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